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Talent treatment

We provide employees with a comprehensive and competitive salary and benefits plan. These include:

  • A

    Salary income


    Industry-competitive monthly salary + performance bonus, etc.

  • B

    Various types of subsidies


    Provide food subsidies, accommodation subsidies, etc.

  • C

    Various types of insurance


    Housing Funds + Social Insurance

  • D

    Paid leave


    Enjoy annual leave and various legal paid holidays

  • E

    In-service training


    In-house and out-of-training during service

  • F

    Other benefits


    Wedding and funeral gifts, mutual aid funds, etc.

Development plan

We provide rich career development opportunities to ensure that every employee can pursue professional dreams

  • A

    Learning training
    Abundant in-house training and out-of-school training, rotation learning, overseas exchange learning, school-enterprise cooperation

  • B

    Career Development
    Dual-channel career development path, smooth internal promotion channels, good career development platform

  • C

    Backbone talent plan
    Specialized incentive plans and learning and growth opportunities for the backbone of the company

  • D

    Various incentives
    Various outstanding employee awards, special contribution awards, innovative patent awards, presidential special awards, etc.