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Welding Inspection

As a representative of the customer, inspection and supervision for manufacturer's manufacture quality and progress.

As a third party, inspection and supervision for manufacturers of manufacturing quality and progress.

As a representative of the owner, inspection and supervision for the supplier's manufacturing quality and progress.

Detail Services include:

Material inspection and identification, welding process, welding procedure qualification and welder qualification, welding process monitoring, furnace batch number transfer, materials tractability, welding data measurement, assembly supervision, process structure analysis and weld appearance inspection, post-welding heat treatment and nondestructive testing supervision, repair process control, review of production data records and documents. 

The analysis of the accident and defects of welding. NDT is used for examination for the product weld to insure that no unqualified weld into the next working process.

According to the production process to:

1: material (receiving inspection, review material test report,)

2: welding (WPS preparation, welding procedure qualification record)

3: manufacture (fit-up and assembly inspection, the welding process control)

4: inspection (visual inspection for weld, NDT examination)

5: document (ITP audit, process control records, final inspection report, material traceability records and reports, completion data, certificate issued )