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Inspection of before delivery

If you are very concerned with whether product conform to the requirements of the order, it is best way to do a function test for product before. Sometimes actual product may greatly deviate from requirements in order or specification. This may be due to the manufacturer's misunderstanding of the standard and quality tolerance or unauthorized change of standard basis or production process and so on. Delivery inspection can guarantee that the goods can conform to the requirements of the order. If there is a problem, timely solve in the factory.

If you appoint us as quality representative of your company, we will perform acceptance inspection before delivery (sometimes referred to as the manufacturer's product test review). We will test product on the supplier on-site inspection equipment and factory lab, record the actual test result and evaluate whether product performance conform to your request. We will record all unconformities in photograph and record in the statistical report if there are problems. The report will be submitted within 24 hours after inspection. 

As a third party, test and supervision for supplier’s product performance.

As a representative of the owner, inspection and supervision for the supplier's manufacturing quality.