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Expediting service

In the past expediting only work as a corrective measures and not play a preventive role. Today, expediting has become an necessary part of the procurement process. however, as the project plans and pricing has become more and more risky, expediting service become a necessary part of the project plan to ensure timely delivery.

Expediting is a continual process that begin from order to product delivery. The main purpose is to ensure that the goods and relevant documents are delivered to the client in a timely manner. Hurry or influence service inspection activities, The experienced expediter will implement this service in case of influence by inspection activities, and fully understand the requirements of the order, so he can be together with producers in limited manpower and finance minimize the time of each process stage. Based on customer requirements, expediting service can be applied to various stages of the project, such as making, assembling, correcting, material test, shipping and packaging, and document submission.

If you appoint ours as expediter on behalf of your company, we will according to your requirements do regular and unexpected visit to the factory for each stage of the examination. we will record objectively and report field condition, analysis and evaluation of each stage of product schedule whether meet your requirements and urge and assist the factory to take measures to reduce the time of each construction stage, we will record all unconformities in photograph, and include into the statistical report. 

Main service content:

Inspect and supervise the production schedule of the supplier as the third party.

Inspect and supervise the production schedule of the supplier as the representative of the owner.

Specific services include:

  • Review production process records and quality control document to verify whether plan schedule is met

  • Check reception of raw materials and make sure that the delivery plan is met

  • Check and verify the factory's manpower input and human resources for the project, and give analysis results and recommendations on how to shorten the project period on the basis of considering the overall resource and capacity of the plant

  • Check and verify the actual progress of each phase, and see if there are any quality problems that may affect the schedule

  • Record and collect nonconformities and deviations from orders and specifications