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Field inspection

If you appoint ours as the quality representative of your company, we will conduct factory acceptance inspection in the factory (sometimes called the manufacturer's test audit). We will test product at factory site on supplier’s testing equipment and laboratories and record test result objectively and evaluate whether the product performance meets your requirements. We record all nonconformities in photograph and record into the statistical report. This report will be submitted within 24 hours after each audit.

Main service content:

As the third party, conduct inspection and supervision of the product performance of the supplier 

As the representative of the owner, inspect and supervise the manufacturing quality of the supplier.

Detail services include:

  • Review production process records and quality control documents

  • Verify the material certificate and certificate of origin of the raw material

  • witness functional test of product

  • Witness reliable test of product

  • Witness safety performance test of product

  • Witness the life test of the product

  • Record and count nonconformities and deviations with the requirement of orders and specifications.