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Inspection before shipment

If you want to conduct a one-time verification, Inspection before shipment is suitable for this case. The actual quality level of product may greatly vary with the standard. This may be due to manufacturers misunderstanding of the quality tolerance, hasty production, changing the raw materials or production process without approval and other reasons. Inspection before shipment can guarantee that shipping goods have no significant quality problems.

If you appoint ours as quality representative of your company, we will carry out inspection before shipment in the factory (sometimes called the final random inspection). We will use AQL method to sample and statistical analysis and evaluate whether the shipping goods are in conformity with your requirement. We will record all nonconformities in photograph and record in statistical report. 

Note: only pay attention to quality before shipment, sometimes it will cause delay because the product does not meet the quality standards. If you want to deliver the goods at a time before the deadline, we recommend that the inspection before production and process inspection at the same time will be helpful. In addition, it is ideal to include item in contract such as quality inspection and dispose of unqualified product. Otherwise, you may be in trouble with the supplier.

Main service content:

As third party, conduct inspection and supervision of supplier's manufacturing quality.

As the representative of the owner, inspect and supervise the manufacturing quality of the supplier.

Detail services include:

  • Review production process records and quality control documents

  • Verify the material certificate and certificate of origin of the raw material

  • Review the test report and certificate of the corresponding products

  • Verify quantity and quantity of product and spare parts

  • Sampling according to customer's requirements or AQL to evaluate the appearance, size, function and performance of samples in line with customer requirements

  • Record and count nonconformities and deviations from orders and specifications.

  • Verify that product marking, logos, nameplates and packages conform to the predetermined package plan and evaluate package safety

  • Verify shipping list with goods