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Final inspection

Finished product sampling inspection service:

When the product is completed and before package, Final inspection is performed . check number, product process, product description, type, color, size, function, packing details and shipping marks are all in line with customer order and sample product. 

Our professional inspector  can provide you with accurate, fast and low cost industrial inspection services.

Main service content:

As the third party, Check the product quality of the supplier.

As the representative of the owner, Conduct sample inspection of supplier's product quality.

Detail services include:

  • Confirm order content and inspection requirement.

  • Contact supplier and arrange inspection date and inspection route

  • Check and verify the quantity, specification and color of the product

  • Perform sampling inspection according to the sampling rate, perform or witness relevant tests, such as function, size, special mark, etc.

  • Record and count nonconformities and deviation from orders and specifications

  • Submit the report within 24 hours after inspection